Surat: SMC’s Efforts Pay-off; People Rush to Get Admission in Govt School

| Updated: May 11, 2022 3:54 pm

The latest news from Surat proves that Gujarat administration’s efforts to improve education and facilities at the government schools in the metros are paying off. Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) together with the education committee has successfully developed schools in the city to offer advanced facilities and quality learning, and now it is seeing scores of admissions.

People generally avoid getting their children admitted into government schools, but the level of education of this school under Surat Education Committee has also left private schools behind. As a result, the number of students applying here is exceeding the available seats.

Located at Uttaran in Surat, the school runs in two shifts in the same building. According to the sources, the teachers of this school are even better at the art of teaching than those in the private schools. The children are taught using modern technology and are provided with advanced facilities like smart cards. Besides, the school also pays for the books, meals, and transportation of the students. Considering, many people are shifting their children from private schools to this education committee school. The principal and supervisor of the education committee school also teach the school children here.

The online admission in-charge of the education committee says that the Pragya project is running in the first standard in the school of the committee. In addition, in the school of this committee, any kind of education is taught to the student without any kind of pressure. Thus the motto of learning without emphasis is followed here. It also improves the mental development of the students. Along with this, the teachers of the committee also make the students study diligently. The Education Committee is also constantly updated with time.

Thus, along with the food of Surat, now the education of Surat is also improving from the bottom level. After the success of this project in Surat, this campaign is to be carried out in every leading city of the state. Efforts by the government to make education more comprehensive and inclusive from the grassroots level are respected. For this, technology will also be used on a large scale. Emphasis will also be laid on imparting technological literacy to the students of the school from primary level onwards. Emphasis is also being placed on the mental development of students.

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