Gujarat: Possibility of a Retest for the Students of Class 9 and 11

|Ahmedabad | Updated: May 19, 2022 5:37 pm

The Pandemic has hit humans in every possible sector and the education field is not an exception. Keeping the pandemic situation into consideration students of Classes 8th and 10th were given mass promotion. But results have shown that the students who were given promotions did not score well in their ongoing Academic Year. Therefore, many students of Class 9 and 11 have failed their exams in the Academic Year 2021-22.

The state school management association wrote a letter requesting the education minister to grant permission to conduct a retest for the students of Classes 9th and 11th. In addition to that parent’s association had also solicited the authorities for the same.

Keeping in mind these requests, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Board (GSEB) might grant permission to state schools to conduct a retest for the students of Classes 9 and 11th who couldn’t pass their exams. However, the decision is yet to be made.

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