Amrut Mission 2.0: Central Government Approves ₹5,128 Crores

| Updated: May 16, 2022 7:26 pm

The Central Government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has sanctioned ₹5,128 crores for the first phase of Amrut Mission 2.0. The project entails the development of various cities in Gujarat in 412 fields. Furthermore, the Gujarat Urban Development Mission (GUDM) of the Amrut Mission 2.0 shall carry out the development activities in three phases. These activities will be headed under the State Water Action Plan.

Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation

The Mission Committee started the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation of the Amrut Mission 2.0 to provide a 100% water supply and underground sewerage system in towns and cities of Gujarat. The Union Ministry for Urban Development has approved a ₹5,128 crores for the same project. GUDM submitted the proposal for the first phase of the State Water Action Plan for eight Municipal Corporations and 156 Municipalities of Gujarat. 

The State High Power Committee tabled the proposal. Later, the Apex Committee of the Union Ministry of Urban Development submitted it to the Gujarat Government. Recently, the Committee has accepted the recommendation of GUDM to cover the 412 developmental activities with the ₹5128 crores. 

In this regard, various implementing agencies will function these developmental activities. Firstly, they shall initiate the work by preparing detailed project reports and seeking approval. Moreover, the objective of the scheme, launched in October 2021, is to deliver water to various districts of Gujarat. The scheme shall also provide 31 cities of Gujarat with a fully functioning sewerage system. 

The immediate approval of ₹5128 crores for the development project shall kickstart the first phase of water management works. The scheme also entails self-reliance in water sources for the Gujarat districts. Not only this but, Amrut 2.0 might also introduce a double engine for the metros of Gujarat. 

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