Congress Is Highly Communal, Anti-Hindu, Anti-Gujarati Party: Hardik Patel

| Updated: May 19, 2022 3:19 pm

Congress is against Gujaratis, Patidar leader Hardik Patel claimed this a day after resigning Gujarat Congress. One major reason that Congress always stood against businessmen such as Gautam Adani, Mukesh Ambani, Mehul Choksi or Nirav Modi–is because they all are Gujaratis. 

Hardik Patel – who rose to prominence after leading the Patidar community’s agitation for reservation in 2015 – resigned Wednesday as the working president of the Congress’ Gujarat unit and from the party he joined three years ago.

“Adani and Ambani are such hardworking businessmen but Congress always showed their resistance against them–just because they are Gujaratis. Congress is an anti-Gujarati party and I got to know this only after joining it.” Patel said on Thursday. 

Congress is a communal party

Hardik Patel raised a number of issues against the Grand Old party. He said “I have fought for the rights of my community and my people. I joined Congress with the hope that a constructive opposition will sincerely work in Congress. From 2019-22 I understood that Congress is a highly communal party.’

‘Congress used me’ 

“Congress party in Gujarat is the biggest example of casteism. They used me and the whole Patidar community for their own political vendetta. It is not just me but there are several Hardik Patels who are used and thrown away. This is Congress history. From Chimanbhai Patel in 1972 to  Radadia to Narhari Amin…this is what Congress does  to Patidar leaders.” 

Of Chicken Sandwich and diet coke 

“If PM Narendra Modi goes to Uttar Pradesh , he talks and takes up local issues. What local issue does Rahul Gandhi take up? Those who come from Delhi don’t get information about issues but  ask where we can get a good chicken sandwich and diet coke from. Then they will argue about places where best is available. No one talks about real issues. Rahul Gandhi should do chinta (worry), instead of Chintan shivir. Congress needs to introspect why over 30 MLAs have left the party since 2017.” 

I’m a proud Hindu

“I am a proud Hindu and a proud Patidar. We Patidars are descendants of Kush.. the son of Lord Ram. Congress used us Patidars, me. They wanted a divide between Leuva and Kadva Patels,”

Why not applaud the ruling govt for good decisions?

  “I am a social worker, I am a street fighter. I fought the BJP but when the Supreme Court gave the Ram temple sanction, we were all very happy. My family celebrated. I wanted to openly celebrate but Congress didn’t allow me. Why not applaud the ruling govt for good decisions? I always urged the Congress members to support decisions such as Ram Mandir, NRC, CAA but no one paid any heed to my suggestions.” 

What next BJP or AAP? 

“In the coming days, I will make a decision to join a party which is good for the public–whether it is Aam Aadmi Party or BJP. Regarding BJP helping me in court cases, these are foolish speculations. But by the way, Congress never helped me when I was in Sabarmati Jail. Even when my father died none came to meet me except Shaktisinh Gohil. What else can you expect from Congress members?”

Pictures: Hanif Sindhi

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